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    Media Intelligence Analytics Toolkit

    Tracking tool for monitoring and evaluation of users' media presence and impact. Users' list ranges from Public, private and development sector users.

    Valuable for bulding a tacit knowledge around media trends and patterns.

    Utilised as a veritable tool to gather business intelligence and track stakeholder perception.

    Courses in MIA Toolkit

    Monitoring and Tracking Media Presence
    Understanding and Using trends to build Media Presence

    Benefits of MIA Toolkit

    1. Provides a key direction in the design...

    Provides a key direction in the design, development and execution of media and communications strategy

    Helps the user build a database of media trends and develop key stakeholder list.

    Helps the user set up a structure for stakeholder engagement and management.

    Provides user with a view and analysis of the media intelligence analytics to support corporate messaging and improve brand perception.

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