Crisis Management Model

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    Models & toolkits Crisis Communication Mgt Model-1

    Crisis Communication Model

    Tested and proven media model that defines steps in the design, development and execution of crisis communications plans using the ERES.

    Provides a C.I.D. process path to managing crisis in the media.

    • C-Co-ordination: one stop for receiving up to date information on the ongoing crisis.
    • I-Implementation: development of quick win strategies and execution plan to quell crisis.
    • D-Dissemination: ensures that messaging that tackles crisis aligns with one theme, one message, maximum impact acrpooss all channels and resurces

    Valuable for bulding a tacit knowledge around media trends and patterns.

    Utilised as a veritable tool to gather business intelligence and track stakeholder perception.

    Courses in Crisis Communication Model

    The ERES Model
    What, Where and How?

    Benefits of Crisis Communication Model

    1. Helps the user detect the source of crisis...

    Helps the user detect the source of crisis with a view of executing a crisis communication plan that nips crisis in the bud.

    Provides guidance on tracking and monitoring of crisis issue both online and offline.

    Provides extensive guidance on the development of a stakeholder map of key stakeholders.

    Effectively quells crisis issue majority of the time when the full process is executed to the latter.

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