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    Models & toolkits 360 Media Strategy Model-2

    360 Media Strategy Toolkit

    Key support tool for crafting your media, communication and public relations strategy

    Supports content creation and dissemination for specific target audiences across the various media platforms of interest.

    Gives an all rounded view on required platforms to push content

    Courses in 360 Media Strategy Toolkit

    Building Your Media Footprint: Learning The 360° Media Strategy
    Content Design Strategy
    Media, Strategy & Culture
    Storytelling: Narrative, Messaging and Immersion

    Benefits of 360 Media Strategy Toolkit

    1. Gives a 360 approach to...

    Gives a 360 approach to information dissemination to ensure great and effective media coverage

    Aligns content with platforms and target audiences for maximum impact

    Users has the ability to shape messaging and influence media perception across various media platforms

    Ensures effective reach, engagement and enlightenment of all stakeholder groups

    Gives the user the ability to control and effectively manage media narratives especially during periods of crisis

    Ultimately helps user build a strong media presence and positive perception.

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